Students will learn through play, whole body instruction, and hands-on experiences. Children will participate in exploration and play activities, incorporate problem-solving strategies, and apply learned concepts to the real world around them. This class is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten, complies with TEA’s Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines, and exceeds the recommendations for school readiness as defined by local school districts.




Preschool 3’s

Students will build academic-readiness skills that are age-appropriate, play-based, and student-centered. Teachers will foster physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual growth by providing whole-class and individual student lessons.



Preschool 2’s

Students will participate in a pre-academic schedule that includes play-based instruction and student-focused exploration. This class is designed to prepare young children for group-centered activities.




Toddlers will follow a modified preschool schedule that allows for optimal physical growth and targeted development.  Toddlers will become accustomed to routines in an academic and social setting that will encourage the growth of their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual selves.





Infants will follow a personalized schedule that reflects their routines at home to provide continuity of care.  Infants will be stimulated socially, physically, and academically to foster growth and in a all areas of development.



Class placement is based on the student’s age as documented on or before September 1st.


Student age:                                     Program class:

birth – 23 months                          Infants/Toddlers

2 years                                              Preschool 2’s

3 years                                              Preschool 3’s

4-5 years                                          Pre-Kindergarten